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Don’t forget daylight saving time ends on Sunday, March 12.

It’s time to spring forward!

What Does it Mean? Logistics Lexicon
Delivery lead time is the period between when a customer places an order and when that order is shipped and delivered. More specifically, the lead time encompasses the time spent on processing and handling goods, right up to delivering goods at the customers’ doorstep. 
Delivery lead time tells a company how far in advance it needs to place an order for the delivery to arrive on time. It is one of the most important metrics for managing supply chains and inventory. Knowing your average delivery lead time allows you to keep your customers informed and satisfied. 
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Fuel Surcharge Calculation to Change in March
Our goal is to provide you and your company with the greatest value for your transportation dollar. We challenge ourselves to continually improve the way we operate to reduce our costs and improve the way we service you and your customers. 
Part of that process is a fuel surcharge, which allows us to keep rates consistent throughout the year. We are modifying the metric from which the fuel surcharge is calculated.
The surcharge matrix remains the same. However, the surcharge will now be based on the national estimates for regular gasoline and on-highway diesel, as reported on the Department of Energy website. The weekly surcharge is calculated by using the average of the two fuel types from the previous Monday.
Please click here for more information and to see a table illustrating the surcharge.

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