Environmental Services

Environmental courier service

Blue Streak offers convenient environmental courier services that include daily sample pickup and delivery to environmental labs.

Our drivers are specially trained to preserve the integrity of the sample throughout its journey. We understand the importance of chain-of-custody accountability and our proven process ensures compliance.

Environmental deliveries can vary in type, and we know each one is critical and requires handling with care and sensitivity. Our environmental service providers meet all state and federal regulations pertaining to the safe transportation of biohazards. They are also compliant with OSHA, DOT, TSA, and other regulatory agencies.

Blue Streak offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to in-house environmental couriers. We can provide dependable, scheduled routes for pickup and deliveries of lab samples that are customized for very specific requirements, including temperature-controlled climates. Our drivers receive ongoing training ensuring shipment integrity and biohazard control. All personnel are in full uniform and carry photo ID. They have passed criminal background checks and are subject to drug testing.

Blue Streak provides the following to its customers:
  • Professional, uniformed drivers
  • Online package tracking for your customers
  • Proof of delivery via fax, email, or phone call
  • Dependable, on-time delivery
  • Scheduled and routed services
  • Money-back guarantee