The speed and productivity of a supply chain has become an important aspect for many companies. Cross-docking is a method that can help give your company a competitive advantage.

Cross-docking is the process where products from a supplier or manufacturer are distributed directly to a customer, retail chain, or end-user with minimal handling or storage time. This is a simple procedure whereby inbound volume of trailers, containers, pallets, or packages are received into a distribution facility and immediately sorted and segregated into outbound trailers, containers, trucks, or vans for last-mile delivery to the final consignee.  

Cross-docking can offer many benefits:
Reduce storage costs
Reduce distribution costs
Reduce risk of damage to products
Increase efficiency
Increase velocity of product during life-cycle of an order or shipment
Reduce time-to-market
Reduce transit times

Our network of facilities continues to grow and expand as a result of our expansion in this area of our business. We have the ability to extend cross-dock service to include the last-mile delivery of your small-package and LTL shipments. There are many scenarios where Blue Streak can provide a cross-dock solution for your company. 

Contact us today to learn more about our cross-docking services and how they can eliminate the storage and labor costs of traditional warehousing.