Our Technology

Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology

At Blue Streak, we place a great emphasis on maintaining the most current technology available. We incorporate a range of innovative solutions to help you manage your logistic and delivery needs.

From the moment you request service – via phone or through our website – to the point of delivery, we offer you complete transparency and control over your packages. Our couriers are equipped with enhanced communications systems that allow information that they record to instantly appear online for customers to monitor. Each package is scanned and logged separately, and every customer’s signature is visible.

Our website is intuitive and easy to use. Customers can complete an order in just a few clicks. They can also manage their accounts completely, including paying online and accessing a variety of reports.

Blue Streak offers a superior customer experience with cutting-edge technology, including:

Blue Streak is committed to offering the most advanced technology, which translates into optimum, cost-effective service for our customers. We continue to research and explore new avenues in delivery and logistics and pass the savings and convenience along to our customers.