Real Estate

Guaranteed timely deliveries

Blue Streak provides comprehensive delivery services to the real estate industry. We guarantee timely deliveries that help agents, brokers, title companies, and property managers save time, enabling them to focus on sales and customer service.

Blue Streak offers the following to assist those in the real estate industry:

  • We can deliver required title search and documentation between sellers, buyers, and lending companies.
  • Our drivers can transport deeds and contracts quickly and safely, without interrupting business flow.
  • We offer swift retrieval and delivery of legal documents between attorney and local permit offices, including building and zoning requirements.
  • Our fully uniformed drivers can install For Sale signs and lock boxes as well as take property photographs.
  • We can deliver keys to property management personnel, notices to rental clients, and court filing papers.
  • We can connect all branch offices for a broker through our inter-office courier service.
Blue Streak provides the following for all its customers:
  • Same-day delivery
  • Professional, uniformed drivers
  • Online package tracking
  • Proof of delivery via fax, email, or phone call
  • Scheduled and routed services
  • Money-back guarantee