Blue Streak’s Technology Delivers Success

Blue Streak’s Technology Delivers Success

Jacksonville Business Journal

Vanessa I. Garnica, Correspondent

Working for a big messenger company for about 20 years gave Harold Boyett the determination to buy and operate his own courier business about five years ago.

Today, the Jacksonville-based company, Blue Streak Couriers, has expanded its operations from mainly Northeast Florida to other cities across the state such as Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Tallahassee as well as locations in Georgia and South Carolina.

“I knew I was leaving UPS a year and half before I actually left. I was doing research, kind of learning a lot. I became a student of the same-day industry, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a company like Blue Streak and if I were to take over, what would that mean for me,” said Boyett, owner and president.

In 2005, 90 percent of the company’s courier business was focused on the banking sector. Today, that number has dropped to 20 percent due to its expansion with three-dimensional shipments — boxes, rather than envelopes — primarily in the health care and office supply sectors, among other industries.

Boyett credits technology and the company’s versatile scanners, which track packages on an hourly basis rather than a day-to-day basis like other competitors, as one of the main factors that has helped the company maintain an average annual revenue growth of 17.74 percent from 2007 to 2009.

“We’re aligning ourselves with small and medium-sized businesses that are entrepreneurial in nature and that are poised for growth,” said Barrett Cook, director of sales for Blue Streak Courier. “As their businesses grow, we in turn expect our revenue to grow.”

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