Blue’s News August 2009


Due to the slight decrease of regular unleaded fuel in Florida during July, Blue Streak’s fuel surcharge will drop to 4.5% in August. 

If the average price* of regular, unleaded fuel is above $1.79 during the last week of any given month, the surcharge will be in effect on the first day of the following month. Thank you for your understanding.

*as reported for the state of Florida, regular gas, all formulations, on the United States Department of Energy website



Blue Streak Couriers will provide routed, scheduled and on-demand service on Labor Day, Monday, September 7. If your office will be closed and you won’t require normally scheduled courier service, please email us:



“What impresses me the most is the professionalism of the drivers. That’s not something you see very often in the courier industry. Blue Streak promises professional drivers and they back it up.”

– Office Manager, Orlando, FL

Nothing says more about a service company than positive comments from the people it serves. We would greatly appreciate testimonials from our customers. We will withhold individual names and company names prior to placing the testimonial on our Web site. If you have a comment, please send it via e-mail to:



With summer winding down and school starting in most districts this month, these back to school safe driving tips will help ensure that everyone remains secure this school year.

  1. Observe School Zone Speeds. Many school districts have a zero tolerance for speeders.
  2. Obey the Crossing Guard. There might be a child still crossing the street that you can’t see; it’s important to do what they say.
  3. Exercise Caution around School Buses. Because of the large amount of children entering and exiting the bus at various stops, it’s imperative that extra caution is used when driving around a school bus.
  4. Watch for Darting Children. You never know when a small child might dart out from between two parked cars and fast reflexes are what’s needed to prevent an accident.
  5. Don’t Forget about the Frosh. If you live in an area that has a college or university, you’re probably used to the influx of students each fall. However these students are often not as cautious as they normally would be (especially if it’s their freshman year), and cross the roads without looking. Being extra vigilant around these students could save both an accident and a life.

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