Blue Streak Seeing Green

JACKSONVILLE, FL — While the predominant color for Blue Streak Couriers remains blue, it’s another color that has this company excited. “We understand the impact transportation companies can have on the environment and our goal is to proactively seek a variety of opportunities where we can lessen that impact,” said Harold Boyett, president of the Jacksonville-based company.

From an online order entry system and use of data-capture devices which eliminate the need for printed delivery tickets to hybrid vehicles

and telecommuting, Blue Streak is setting the pace in Florida as an environmentally conscious transportation company. The online order entry system allows customers to request shipments via the Internet. Once submitted, orders are dispatched directly to the driver’s handheld device. By having appropriate shipment details in the device, along with the ability to capture delivery data, paper delivery tickets are unnecessary. Email notifications are also available upon order entry and delivery. At the end of each billing cycle, invoices are electronically submitted.

Keeping with the green theme–and staying ahead of the curve–Blue Streak has purchased Toyota Prius vehicles that operate using hybrid technology. Since implementing these into the fleet, the company has realized nearly 47 miles per gallon and considerable fuel cost savings. Wrapped in the company logo and emblazoned with “Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle” across the back, these cars not only increase the time between fill-ups and lesson the use of fossil fuels, but also serve as a friendly reminder that everyone can play a vital role in environmental stewardship.

Knowing many basic office fundamentals can be accomplished virtually anywhere, Blue Streak also offers the ability for some office staff to take advantage of telecommuting. “Tasks such as reconciling daily contractor settlements and on-call dispatching, among others, can be effectively managed from a home environment. This not only allow personal flexibility, but reduces the impact on traffic, vehicle emissions, and fuel consumption,” added Boyett.


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