Trust Blue Streak

to Represent You

We understand our role.

You expect your employees to represent your company in a polite and professional manner. Why should you expect any less from your same-day courier service?

At Blue Streak Couriers, we recognize that our professionalism and appearance directly reflect the image of your company. We understand our role as ambassadors of service to your customers and other business contacts. That’s why our friendly couriers are always uniformed, neatly groomed, polite, on time, and professional.

Founded in 1984, Blue Streak offers customized, innovative solutions to all of your transportation and logistics needs. Your employees can focus on your core competencies when you allow us to take care of those tasks outside of the office. We can help you reduce expenses, decrease risks, increase productivity, and enhance your image.

As an award-winning leader in the same-day service industry, Blue Streak provides a wide range of services for all types of businesses and organizations. From small businesses to large corporations, Blue Streak will design a tailored service profile to fit your needs exactly.

For our distribution customers, we offer unparalleled technology that allows for the leveraging of our scanning and signature-capture capabilities. Blue Streak emphasizes personalized service to our customers; our service providers focus on becoming knowledgeable about the customers on their routes, learning their delivery preferences and times.

Blue Streak also works hard to learn the habits of clients of our medical labs, utilizing our technology to scan lock-boxes and capture HIPAA compliant information, thereby creating a pipeline of visibility for our medical clients.

We have spent over 35 years building a reputation of professionalism and reliability in the transportation industry. We continue to grow and expand as a company, but always maintain our high standards of service to our customers.