Should you outsource your recurring delivery needs?

4 reasons outsourcing is a great idea

If your business has a frequent need for full- or part-time delivery drivers, you may be able to outsource this service and reduce costs – while simultaneously increasing employee focus and productivity. Here are four reasons your company should consider outsourcing your delivery needs.


  1. Reduce overhead. Between monthly vehicle payments and maintenance costs, fuel prices, and the expense of workers’ wages and insurance, maintaining your own delivery fleet puts a huge dent in your profit margin. By outsourcing your recurring delivery needs, you can save as much as one-third of your transportation budget, allowing you to divert those funds to other categories.


  1. Increase productivity. An experienced outsourcing provider has a pool of talented people who can provide a level of service that your business might not be able to afford to hire outright or could not justify on a permanent, full-time basis. By outsourcing your deliveries, you eliminate your management’s concerns so they can spend their valuable time more productively.


  1. Gain access to a dedicated delivery network. Your service provider should have a dedicated network of drivers who can offer tremendous logistic benefits to you. By outsourcing your deliveries, your customers will receive their packages more quickly, but with the same level of quality, professional service.


  1. Reduce liability. Hiring dedicated drivers can reduce financial exposure for your business by minimizing operating costs, including the cost of insurance. It can also minimize your exposure to lawsuits resulting from automobile accidents.


Criteria for choosing a qualified service provider:


  1. Quality commitment: The outsourcing provider should offer a level of service that is a higher level of quality than your company currently has, thus enabling your employees to focus on their core responsibilities.
  2. Cost: The service provider should offer sufficient cost savings to you, without sacrificing quality.
  3. Resources and capabilities: The provider should have resources and capabilities that are not available to your company internally, such as systems, technologies, and tools.
  4. Prior work: The provider should have experience working with other businesses and should have delivered satisfactorily to them. Be sure to check the provider’s references.
  5. Contract terms: The terms of your contract should offer flexibility to modify the requirements or terminate the contract easily, if required.
  6. Confidentiality: The service provider should have well-defined security policies in place for your peace of mind.


If your business model includes the use of your own drivers and vehicles, Blue Streak can help you facilitate this through the use of our dedicated driver program. We can replace or complement your current fleet with professional vehicles and experienced, polite, friendly, and professional delivery drivers. Our drivers will wear your uniform and represent your company to your customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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