7 Ways Your Company Will Benefit From a Courier Service

If you aren’t using a courier service, you may be missing out on a multitude of ways to save your company time and money. A professional courier can streamline your delivery needs, allowing you to optimize your company’s resources.

  • Time-sensitive documents or parcels are hand-delivered to their destinations on time and with a guarantee. Using the most current technology, the right courier company can offer you reassurance that your documents and parcels are being delivered on time. You can even track your package for its entire journey and receive proof of delivery.
  • Sensitive, private documents are kept confidential and protected from damage. A courier company can provide the most secure delivery of your documents.
  • No need to maintain in-house company fleets for part-time or seasonal deliveries. Do you have a need for multiple drivers, but only part-time or seasonally? A courier company can provide a fleet to your specifications for only the time you require it.
  • Deliveries with similar routes are combined thereby reducing costs. Through means such as freight pooling, a courier can save you time and money on your shipments.
  • Save money compared to express and overnight shipping, particularly when the shipment is heavy or bulky. Often, using a courier will save you money as compared to express or overnight shipping. Large carriers often charge inflated prices for shipments that are heavy or difficult to move.
  • Trained, professional drivers enable your employees to continue their work, instead of running unnecessary errands. By using a courier service, you minimize the amount of time your employees are off task and running errands.
  • Track your parcel’s journey from beginning to end. Your courier can offer you the most up-to-date technology that will track your package from pick up to delivery. You will receive proof of delivery via email. In today’s busy world, the information about a shipment may be equally as important as the actual shipment itself.


If you don’t currently use a courier or if your courier is not providing the previously mentioned benefits for your company, we can help. Contact Blue Streak today to learn more about maximizing your time and resources and — at the same time —saving money.

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