September 2012 Blue’s News


Delays in shipping create headaches for you and us alike. Here are 4 simple steps you can take to help us as we serve you:
1. Enter your shipments online
This allows you to provide us with all the correct information right from the beginning.
2. Record your tracking number
This will help you identify your shipment if you need to contact us about it.
3. Provide correct and complete address information
There is no such thing as too much information. Provide us with complete street address, including any suite number or other pertinent information.
4. Provide a phone number
This way we can contact you if we have any questions regarding your shipment.


As we mentioned last month, Harold Boyett was part of a group that recently hosted Florida CFO Jeff Atwater for an evening reception. Mr. Atwater spent time discussing upcoming initiatives for the state and talking with clients of the SBDC that have been instrumental in job creation. The event was written up last week in the Sunshine State News. Click below to read more.


Considering the fact that fuel prices increased slightly across the country in August, Blue Streak’s fuel surcharge will increase to 12.0% for September. With this, our fuel surcharge continues to be among the lowest in the region.

How it’s calculated: If the average price* of regular, unleaded fuel is above $1.79 during the last week of any given month, the surcharge will be in effect on the first day of the following month.

*as reported for the state of Florida, regular gas, all formulations, on the United States Department of Energy website: US Department of Energy

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