Blue’s News April 2012


Blue Streak Couriers is proud to announce the acquisition of Accelerated Delivery, a Las Vegas, Nevada courier company. Accelerated Delivery has served the Las Vegas valley for two years. Company founder, Greg Clemens, has joined the Blue Streak team, bringing almost 40 years of courier experience. Look for expanded service capabilities in Las Vegas.


Considering the small uptick in fuel prices throughout Florida in March, Blue Streak’s fuel surcharge will increase to 13.5% for April. Despite this, our fuel surcharge continues to be among the lowest in the region.

How it’s calculated: If the average price* of regular, unleaded fuel is above $1.79 during the last week of any given month, the surcharge will be in effect on the first day of the following month.

*as reported for the state of Florida, regular gas, all formulations, on the United States Department of Energy website: US Department of Energy

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