3 Reasons Every Small Business Should Blog

Blogging for Courier Services:

If you work for a small business, you probably wear several different hats throughout the course of any given day. This is especially true for a courier company, where everyone from business owner to administrative assistant occasionally has to drop everything to go out to make a delivery or pickup. It would seem that in the world of delivery service, you don’t have time to take on any additional responsibilities, and blogging seems like a big waste of your time. If it is done correctly, however, a blog can provide a benefit to you and your customers, all in 15-30 minutes a week. Here are three ways blogs benefit your business:

Benefits to Courier Companies

1. Demonstrate industry expertise

2. Engage customers

3. Improve website SEO

The first reason to blog is to demonstrate industry expertise. Sharing your knowledge of the industry tells your readers that you are a trusted source of information. They will turn to you when they have industry-related questions.

A blog is one of the best ways to engage customers. Be sure to allow your readers to comment on your blog posts. Those who comment may be potential customers. They may agree or disagree with you, but you will be at the center of an industry-relevant discussion with customers and business partners.

The material added to your website through your blog improves website SEO. Search engines are always looking for new web content, and a blog is an easy way to make sure your website content is always fresh. Also, be sure to include options for your readers to link to your blog posts because having more links to your website improves your search engine rank.

Get started on your blog! Feel free to post questions or comments.

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