COVID-19: A message from our CEO

We are living through an event that has never occurred before in our lifetime, so it is tough for any of us to fully comprehend what is happening. The entire world is in a fight for survival right now against this virus. Isolation seems to be the only sure way to win this battle, or in the words of the medical professionals, “to flatten the curve” and reduce the number of new cases.

As we continue, many people may have concerns that we are still operating; however, the vast majority of what we do falls under the category of Essential Critical Workforce, as identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. With that, we will continue as safely and prudently as possible, focusing on our customers and meeting their needs as best we can until this pandemic subsides and everyone can start returning to normalcy. As a result, Blue Streak has implemented some changes to our processes.

For deliveries currently being completed, we recognize most people are concerned with physical contact with others. To minimize this concern, any customer that is uncomfortable signing for shipments on a Blue Streak service provider’s handheld device may politely decline. We understand the basis for this refusal is the reluctance to handle and sign another person’s electronic handheld device.

In this case, each customer is authorized to sign on the package, with their own pen, close to the delivery address, along with the clarification of their first initial and last name (printed, along with the date and time). Blue Streak will then take a picture of the label and attach it to the order in our system. This will serve as a valid proof of delivery (POD). This is effective for a minimum of the next 30 days.

Secondarily, as we begin to see city and state mandated lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will undoubtedly be some disruptions to the supply chain. As a result, and effective immediately, Blue Streak is relaxing its delivery commitment guarantees. Some of our customers have either suspended operations or are operating on reduced schedules, thus decreasing the volume of shipments flowing into our network. As such, and effective March 25, not all our normal distribution routes will be dispatched every day. We need to operate delivery routes as effectively as possible, so there may be an extra day time in transit for some deliveries. We will endeavor to limit any delays to one business day. This flex routing will enable us to account for shrinking volume, generate maximum delivery volume and allow for more efficiency during this unprecedented time in history.

Lastly, there are some markets in which delivery service has been suspended effective March 25, 2020:

Birmingham, AL
Charleston, SC
New Orleans, LA

We sincerely appreciate your understanding our need to make these adjustments.

Harold Boyett
President & CEO
Blue Streak

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